What are the countries that you ship/deliver to?

Wherever you are, we will find a way to reach you. We ship worldwide.


How many days does it take to deliver my order?

Within 48 hours for local orders and maximum 2 weeks for international.  

How will I receive my Pikok?

Our local customers, will receive their pikok bike totally assembled, tidy and delivered in our beautiful truck. For our international customers they will receive the bike 80% assembled, all you need to do is unpack and mount the front wheel, saddle and the handlebar.


Can I Pik my Order?

We don’t want to tire you out, we will deliver your Pikok to your doorstep ;) Currently we don’t have a pick-up option.


What kind of tools do I need?

For our local customers, you do not need any tools, you’ll receive your bike 100% assembled. For our international customers, you will need Allen Key and Wrench size.


Where is your local stores

We are the first Pikok shop in world, located in Kuwait.


Which payment options method do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and Knet.


Can I make a test ride?

Yes! If you are a local customer, you can email us or contact us and book an appointment, we’ll come to your house to let you try out your future Pikok bike!

To book an appointment in Kuwait:
Email: hi@pikok.com
Whatsapp: +965 99962869


What is the correct frame size for me?

It is very important to get the right frame size for you, it makes all the difference to your riding experience, please check the following size chart:

Size Small 47: 155cm~165cm
Size Medium 50: 160cm~170cm
Size Large 53: 165cm~175cm
Size X-large 56: 170cm~185cm


Which other retailer are selling Pikok?

We sell our products only through our website.

What is a Flipflop Hub?

Our flip-flop hubs come in all of our fixed-gear, single-speed bikes. This allows you to ride either fixed-gear or single-speed just by flipping the back wheel.

Single-speed means you are riding with just a single gear. You can easily coast on your bike without pedaling. The front brake will be your main mode of slowing down and stopping. 

Fixed-gear riding isn’t for everyone, but it has its own unique set of benefits and qualities that make it a cult favorite among many riders. While riding fixed, your bike moves only when you are. Meaning, you can’t coast. If you pedal backward, the bike moves backward. While this isn’t for everyone, it does lead to an incredible connection between your body, bike, and ride. 

What is the min/max tire size fit with our frames?



Do Pikok bicycles come with a warranty?

Yes, a two-year warranty on Pikok frames against manufacturing defects and 6 months on the parts. This warranty is covering only manufacturing defects. Not included: user-incurred damage and unforeseen accidents.


Do you have spare parts?

We do sell all the of the Pikok components separately, please visit our websites and place an order for what you need.


How can I ask for return or refund?

You can return or exchange all items with 14 days, if the product is in the original packaging and the product has not been used. After we received the package we will check for any damage or missing parts, if all’s good, you will receive your refund within 14 days.