about us

Identity Choice

We believe every person chooses who they want to be. That’s why we place your power of choice at the core of our business. When you’re free to choose, you can unleash all your potential and express your true self, the way you want.

Choose yourself.

Urban Community

An urban bike made not only to commute, but to feel part of the city. Move freely across neighborhoods and through parks, on large avenues or narrow streets. Feel the connection with people in all their diversity:

the urban community.

Simply Joyful

We welcome every person who just wants to have fun. We provide you with the tools to play. We make it easy and smooth for you to enjoy every step of the creation process. Like you, we also want to have a tons of fun. We are with you every step of the way to help you create the most amazing ride that reflects your personality.

Enjoy the ride!

Create a Personality

We empower every individual to unleash their power to express themselves.
It takes a daring spirit to uphold your own personality in all its uniqueness. To be different and to feel confident to show it. We bring you a bike that reflects each unique personality. You design it, we build it.

We encourage every individual to spread their colors and unleash their power to express themselves.

Choose your ride. Create yourself.


To increase the world’s freedom of choice through customizable products that encourage self-expression.


We empower each person to create their own ride.